Free Choice Options:

Google Earth
Google Sketchup
KTurtle (Intro to Computer Programming)
Tux Typing
Tux Math Command
Tux Paint
Type To Learn 4
Jason Project
MangaHigh Math
Compass Odyssey
Write Source
Open Office

Long Term (End of the Year) Goals: Students will be recieving laptops for daily use starting in 4th Grade. 3rd Grade students must have the following skills in order for the 1:1 program to meet it's fullest potential.

  • Typing Practice: Focus on home row and accuracy. Students should be at 15 words per minute by the end of the year. For formal typing training we use Type to Learn 4. Type to Learn 4 gives a great balance of fun typing games as well as direct instruction through progressive lessons.
  • Students should be comfortable using the internet and understand the internet as a resource for learning and knowledge.
  • Students should understand the concept of saving Files in Folders. Locating these files after extended periods of time is a primary goal for the end of 3rd Graded.